Solution for ‘Waiting for Residency’ in Emirates ID Status

If Your Facing ‘Waiting for Residency‘ Issue at the time of checking Status of id into the United Arab emirates. Do worry about it. mostly people faces these type of objection on id status. Due to this objection mostly people think that the application of emirates id is rejected which means they have to submit a new application.

This is not means by that. you have to remember this thing. When any objection arrive on id status into this means you have to Resolve that objection after that your application will be move to on next step. Into this article we are going to guide you that how you can remove ‘Waiting for Residency‘ issue on your id status. you have to only follows available guide lines which is mention into this article.

You have to Read all the Guide lines about this objection after that you can remove this objection from your id status. if you skip any guide lines may be your application will suck into same objection so, Read all the guide lines care fully.

Solution for ‘Waiting for Residency’ in Emirates ID Status

Normally this objection arrive at that time when you have not paid your sticker fees. So, First of all you have to make sure that you have paid all the fees about the emirates id. Second mostly common reason for this objection is your Working company is ban by the UAE Government. So, if you are working into any that company which is ban into UAE Government list. then firstly you have to change your company after that you are emirates id application will be move on to next step and your ‘Waiting for Residency‘ objection will be removed. other Commons mistakes for this objections is also mention below here, Please read that all for your objection remove,

Common Mistakes That Cause Waiting for Residency Objection on Emirates ID

Few more common Issue which case for ‘Waiting for Residency‘ issue on id status. You have to also read these common mistakes and Avoid them at the time of Applying id into the united Arab Emirates.

  • Mostly People Do not focus on the Requirement of Applying emirates id. Which is also cased for objections on emirates id application. Make sure that you have Fulfill all the requirements as per ICP UAE Demands.
  • The Second most Common issue is mostly people does not know that which Quality type Documents they have to upload or provide for emirates id application. And this type of people normally provide low quality Documents which is also an objection. So Make sure that you have not Provide or uploaded Low Quality Documents.
  • Always You have to Remember that at the time of applying emirates id you have to read all the guide lines and Fulfill all the requirements. At the time of application filling people do not focus on available Requirements which is also bigger case for emirates id objection.
  • Into the United Arab Emirates Every Service you can avail through online website portals same as at the time of applying emirates id you also can pay your fees through online ICP UAE website portal. But normally people go to Pay Latter option and Forget about it that they have to still pay the emirates id fees. Which is also a bigger mistake. Its means you Are Emirates id Application is still into Process and not Move to next step. Which means you are application will be suck into process and you will never know why still you not getting response by ICP. You always make sure that you have Pay all the fees within Time.
  • Its the Last and Most important mistake by the applicant of emirates id. At the time of applying emirates id people does not provide same as details which is same as on your visa or passport. Always Make sure that you have provide You are Name Date of Birth ETC means all those details which is required by the Emirates id application is same as your Passport or visa details. Means Do not provide any details which is differ from your visa or Emirates id.

How to Resolve Waiting for Residency Objection

When any objection Arrive on emirates id application. At that time the second steps is how to Resolve that objection. Normally you can Resolve this objection with different available methods, which is

Typing center:

Typing Centers is verified Offices by the ICP uAE. These centers is also provide same as services which you are also take from the ICP UAE online website portals. You can visit any nearest typing center and ask about your query. Typing centers will help you Because these types of objections and services they are providing every day to own customers. So, they already have well Experienced to Resolve these types of objections.

Pro Service Providers:

The Pro Services Provider is basically company Appointed person who only deal with Emirates id application type work. Means they deal all types of that work which is related to online services. So, If your Facing any objection on your emirates id then do not worry take the help of these pro provider they will Resolve your issue within few hours.

Online Website portal:

The best and easy Solutions is online website portal help. means you can Resolve your Problem through contacting on online website portal iCP UAE. You have to only follows few short available steps, After that your problem will be Resolved by the ICP UAE.

Do not confused just go to and search for ICP website into Google Search box. After Searching this website portal. please now click to first available results. Make sure that this first available result is not any paid ads website.

After clicking on first Available website into the google Search result. You will move on main page of ICP UAE website portal. Here on this page you have to locate the option talk with Hamad. you can Easily find this option into the left side of Website. If your Facing any issue too find this option then do not worry here into the image guide lines we are shows you that where you have to find this Hamad Service option on the website portal.

  • On the Available Screen Shot you can see that after clicking on Hamad Service option a new pop up chat Windows appears at the front of your screen. This is basically a chat bot who is Specially Design for the Resolve Queries by the Applicant of emirates id.
  • After Opening the Hamad chat windows on your screen. First of all you have to choose the language which Language you can Easily understand. After that Please write your Query. Means which issue you facing on the emirates id after that click to send button or press enter button. Your Query will be submitted to the Hamad.
  • If Hamad Want to need confirm your Identity then you have to also provide your Identity Verification prof. Like your visa your Passport etc. After that if you have successfully provide your Identity then hamad Register your Complaint into the System about your query. Within few hours latter your Complaint will be Resolved. Which means your objection will be removed.

Common FAQs – Emirates ID Status and Processing

Q: What is the Emirates ID?

Its a Most important document into the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. With out this emirates id you can not survive into the United Arab Emirates. So, make sure that you have valid emirates id.

Q: Why is checking Emirates ID status important?

Because if your emirates id have any objection or any fine then your other Official Services will be stopped. So, make sure that you have not any Fine or objection on your emirates it.

Q: How can I check my Emirates ID status?

You can check your Emirates id status with different available methods. These all the Methods is explained on our website blog home page. Please visit and read all the guide line about it.

Q: What does ‘Waiting for Residency’ mean in Emirates ID status?

Its a Common issue on emirates id application. Mostly this issue came because of not paid your visa sticker fees. So, if your facing this issue on your emirates id then please make sure that you have paid your visa sticker fee.

Q: Are there other reasons for delays in Emirates ID processing?

yes: Many other reasons is available for delays your emirates id process. Mostly if your the employee of any black listed company then may be your have facing delay process issue into your emirates id.

Q: How can I avoid complications with my Emirates ID?

You can avoid all the problems if you have paid your all fees of emirates id application on time. And you have fill accurate emirates id Application forum as per your visa and passport details.

Q: Can a company ban affect my Emirates ID status?

yes. Off course if your company is ban then your emirates id also will be black listed into the system. So, if really this happen then please your emirates id application with new company.

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