How To Check Labor Card Status

How to check labor card status: It’s an easy and straightforward process that you can easily track using just a few steps. This article provides all the necessary steps and information related to checking your labor card status. Many people are unaware of how to check the status of their labor card, especially since the users of labor cards are often daily wage workers with limited education. However, this article contains all the necessary information. Emirates Id Status Application Under Processing Quick Guide 2024.

Why You Need To Check Labor Card Status Into Uae.?

It’s important to be aware of the status of your labor card because it serves as your work permit. If your labor card status is not valid, you will not be able to work in the UAE. It is the official permission granted by the UAE government that allows you to work there. The labor card contains all the information related to your profession. Additionally, many companies or services require the labor card for identity verification purposes.

How To Check Labor Card Status?

Several steps are available to check the labor card status in the UAE. Anyone in the UAE can search for their labor card status through these steps. You do not need anything, such as account registrations or any other registration. You can check your status through these available steps.

First, you need to open the Labor Card Status Check website portal, which is the MOHRE inquiry page. It’s easy to open this page through the Google search engine. You can search ‘query Labor card status’ or ‘MOHRE inquiry’ on Google. After that, click on the first available website in the Google search results. Alternatively, you can also visit this page through this direct available link.

Inquiry Service (

After visiting the given website address, you will arrive at the main page of the MOHRE inquiry page, where three requirement boxes are available for details. A screenshot of this page is shown below:

how to check labor card status image guide lines

In the available screenshot, you can easily understand that in the first tab, you have to select “Application Status.” Simply choose this option from the drop-down list after clicking on the “Choose a Service” option.

In the next requirement box, you have to write your application number, which is printed on your work permit as the Transaction number. After entering the application number, move to the next box where you have to write the verification code shown in the image. Simply write this code and then click the “Search” button.

After clicking the “Search” button, your labor card status will be displayed. You can easily see the details of your labor card status in the screenshot. Your company name, your state company number, location, and application type are all mentioned. At the end, the application status heading is also available, where your labor card status will be shown.

If your status shows “transaction under process,” it means your application is submitted and has not yet been checked by MOHRE. If you encounter any errors or have any objections, please contact us, and we will help resolve your objection.

Labor Card Download Or Print

If you want to download your labor card, it’s easy and simple. You can now save your labor card to your cell phone. Moreover, you can also print out your labor card with just a few steps. Follow these steps to download your labor card to your cell phone:

Open the MOHRE inquiry page where you checked the labor card status. You can open this page through the direct available link mentioned on the page. Alternatively, you can also open this page by searching for “MOHRE inquiry” on Google. Click on the first available website. A screenshot of this page is also shown below:

labor card download or Print

In the available screenshot, you can see that we have chosen the “Print Electronic Work Permit” option from the “Choose a Service” list. Next, in the following box, you have to enter your work permit number, transaction number, and personal code. Simply enter all this information for labor card download. After that, select your date of birth. Then, type the digits shown in the available requirement tab and click the “Search” button.

After clicking the “Search” button, a digitally copied version of your labor card will be displayed on your home screen. In the corner, you can see the option to print. From there, you can either print or download your labor card to your cell phone.

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