Emirates Id Status Application Under Processing Quick Guide 2024

Application Under Processing is most common objection on id status into the united Arab Emirates. Today into this post we are going to explain you how you can Resolve this Application Under Processing objection from your id status. Make sure that you have read all the available guide lines into this article. If you have any query related to this objection then you can also contact us through available forum on this page.

Application Under Processing Shows at that time when you checked your id status on ICP UAE Website portal. If you still not know that How you can check your id status into the United arab Emirates. Then do not worry you have to visit our website Home page. Where all the Methods is explained about this process.

Now Lets start the Process to Resolve this objection from your id status into the United Arab Emirates. first you have to Remember few things which is mention below here,

  • This Objection shows due to High Volume of Applications. Which means you are submitted id application is Correct you have to only wait few days after that you are id status will be changed.
  • Some times due to Government policies update current id application also shows this type of objection. Which means you have not worry about it. because the Government applying new rules on current System. So, due to this you have to face this issue. Into this case you have to only wait for few days.
  • Due to Public Holidays or Any other Special days when Government Declared for the Offices off day. Which means on that date the all offices are closed due to Public holiday. into This case you have also wait again for few days.
  • After checking id status on the next date of submitting application. Into this case you have to understand that many of the other applicant also submit application for id status. this system work into number line system. When you are application number comes you are status will be updated into the system. So, wait for few days and check again your Status.

These are few main thing which you have to remember. Because if you do not Remember these things then may be your Application Shows Application Under Processing objection. We Suggest you to please read these guide lines and then check again your id status.

Few other Major mistakes is also mention below here which you have to read about it. because mostly people do this type of mistake which case for the Application Under Processing objection on emirates id.

Application Under Processing Objection Major Factors

We all know that ICP UAE is the department which deals with the ID application into the United Arab Emirates. Into the UAE if you are applying for id which is a document that shows your resident prof to others. you have to connect with ICP UAE. Means you have to Submit Application to ICP UAE. At the Time of Application submission people do some types of mistake which case for the emirates id Application suck into the process. These common mistakes is mention below here,

First of all ata the time of Application submitting to the ICP UAE you have to make sure that you filled application with correct Information. mostly people Does not know that into the UAE First name and Last name shows together and people confused they write wrong first and last name. So, You have to Write you are first name and Last name Correctly as per you are passport.

If your Still Confused that how to check you are first name and last name. Then do not be confused you can check you are first and last name on you are passport page. Where you are Profile image and other details is mentioned.

Second bigger mistake is you are date of birth mostly people write that date of birth which is into our country documents. DO not write that date of birth you have to write that date of birth which is same as on you are passport. Means you have to write all the that details which is also write on passport.

Third mistake is The Auto Generated info by the ICP UAE website portal. Some time when we type our name into English language the Arabic Urdu Hindi name automatic Typed into next Box. make sure that you are auto Generated name is correct as per your Passport name.

4th And most important common mistake by the applicant is pay the Fees of current emirates id application. People does not know that if they can not pay the fees for the id Application their Application suck into the process. Which means you are Application can not move to next step. Make sure that you have paid you are fee for the emirates id application and receive the Receipt of payment you are fee.

Its common that when we pay the fee through our debit master card or credit card. Due to any reason our Transactions completed but after few hours latter the amount refund to our account. If same as this happen with you then please clear you are fee for id Application again. And make sure you have complete the payment process.

If your does not know about the fees of Emirates id then please visit this available article post. Where all the fees is explained about emirates id ( Emirates ID Fees Details Quick Guide 2024 UAE).

What if Application Under Processing Objection is still not Resolved?

if your application Under Processing objection is still not resolved and you are facing problem due to this objection. Then do not worry about it. Many other ways is available for Resolve you are problem. You have to connect with ICP UAE Department for Application Under Processing Objection. Different methods is available for ICP UAE contact.

If you want to contact ICP UAE then you have to firstly go to the ICP UAE website portal. This Website portal you can Easily locate by searching into the google After that open that website which is named with ICP.gov.ae.

mostly this website shows into google Search result on the top. So, you can reach ICP website portal through google. After that you have to find the Page Contact us on ICP uAE website portal. This page you can Easily find into the Website footer area. After Clicking on Contact use page.

You will get different options for contact ICP UAE. So, From here you can select any option which is best for you and you can contact with ICP for your Query.

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