Emirates Id Renewal Quick Guide 2024

emirates id Renewal process is to much easy. means you can perform this process by own you are self. into this article we are going to show you to the complete process of emirates id renewal into the UAE. Before reading about the process of emirates id renewal firstly you have to Know about it. that why you need for this Process into the uAE.

You Need this process at that time when you emirates id is expired. emirates id is most important document into the Untied Arab Emirates, Because its the Residency prof of your self. So, when its expired firstly you have to Renew it with out wasting any time. otherwise may be you will get fine on it if you can not Renew you are emirates id on time.

into the united Arab Emirates you can apply emirates id with different available methods, if you still not know about it then please read this available article ( How to Apply for Emirates Id Quick Guide 2024 ). into available article you will read about the all the methods which is used for the emirates id apply. Now lets start the process of emirates id renewal online in 2024.

Emirates id Duration for Renewal

After the expiry the emirates id you have to 30 days for renew it. Other wise you will get fine on it. We advise you please do not late for the renewal of emirates id Because its not a good thing. If you late for renewal process of emirates id then may be you will face many problems.

For the example you are all that services which is you are availing on emirates id will be stopped. You are all services like your banking accounts, you are mobile sIMS or number eTC will be stopped. So, Make sure after the Expiry of you are emirates id you should submit application for the renewal.

You can also read about Emirates ID Fees Details Quick Guide 2024 UAE.

ICP UAE is that department which is deals with emirates id renewal process. How over You can also submit Application for the Renewal process with other available methods. But ICP UAE is most common method for the renewal of you are emirates id. Because its smooth and easy process for emirates id renewal. if you have not idea that how you can apply renewal process then do not worry. Into this article we are shows you the complete process for it. Just you have to read the available guide lines about it.

Emirates id Renewal with Fast and easy methods in 2024

The Emirates ID card is commonly reviewed after two years, in accordance with the visa expiration. Typically, the expiration date of the Emirates ID coincides with the visa expiration date. This alignment occurs because when you enter the United Arab Emirates and apply for the ID card, it is issued on the date of the visa. Subsequently, your ID also expires once the visa has expired.

There are two different ways to renew your Emirates ID, namely:

  1. Emirates ID Renewal through Typing Centers Nearest Your Place:
  2. Emirates ID Renewal through ICP Website Portal:

These two methods are commonly used for Emirates ID renewal. However, you can also renew your Emirates ID through the UAE Pass application. Nevertheless, these two are the most simple and easy methods.

AMER 24/7 Emirates id Renewal

Amer is most Common Service Provider into the UAE. These Service provider centers is Specially introduced for this types of services. So, If you have not any idea that how to use online website portals and internet. Then do not worry Amer is best option for you. means you can Submit Request for you are emirates id Renewal with Amer Service.

Required Documents for Emirates id Renewal via AMER 24/7

Few basic require documents needed by the AMER 24/7 Website portal. These basic documents you have to provide into every aspects, These Documents are,

  • Clear Copy of You are pervious emirates id. make sure you are emirates id copy is not Blurred or Missing pixel image.
  • Cleared and fully visible copy of you are visa.
  • Passport Clear copy with Easy read able all info.
  • You are Own Passport size image which is with white background. make sure that you are face is cleared into that image.

These are the basic Requirements which you have to full fill. After that now you have to visit the available contact page of AMER website portal.

Applying emirates id Renewal on AMER 24/7

When you have all the required documents. Now please visit the AMER Service Provider website portal. Where you have to click on “Apply online” Button option. This button is available into Menu on AMER Website portal. After that You have to scroll the page and click on “Emirates id application“. After that new options tab will be open at the front of you are home screen. From here you have to click on “Emirates id Renewal” option. After clicking on this option a new options will be open. Which is Emirates id for 1 year or 2 years. means now you have to select Validity of your Emirates id. One more thing with the validity the price of emirates id is also mention. please choose validity as per you are own choose. after selecting validity of you are emirates id and with the validity. you will move to new page.

Now on this page. You have to Fill the available forum. this is basic details required forum means you have to provide you are name, You are mobile number, Sponsor name, Sponsor email address, Sponsor Phone number ETC. Fill all these available details and then upload the required documents. After this please click to Submit button option. After clicking on submit button option you are request will be submitted to the AMER Service. And they will contact you with few hours latter.

Emirates Id Renew Through Typing Centers

After your Emirates ID expires, you can visit the nearest typing center in your state. It’s easy to find typing centers in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, etc. You can locate typing centers in the UAE by searching on Google. Google will show the nearest typing center along with contact information.

  • After visiting the nearest typing center in your current location, you need to request them for the review of your Emirates ID card.
  • Typing centers, as service providers, usually charge around 300 AED or more for offering this service. They require a few documents such as a valid passport and visa.
  • Once you have completed the application through the typing centers, please ensure that you have also paid the required fees for the renewal of the Emirates ID card. If you are wondering about the fees and want to know how much will be charged for the renewal of the Emirates ID card, you can visit this available article where all types of fees are explained (Emirates ID Fees Details Quick Guide 2024 UAE).
  • After completing all the steps for Emirates ID renewal at the typing center, the next step involves medical and biometric scans, which you can perform together. This is because medical facilities and biometric verification offices are commonly located nearby. You can also find details and contact information for typing centers through this article [Biometric Typing centers UAE].

PRO Services Provider though Companies

pro Services provider are those people who are deals with the Official services by the company. These pro services provider are hired by the companies. Who are just do these types of work like emirates id apply, emirates id renewal ETC. if you are working into good company Then you are company also have the pro service providers. So, You have to contact them and ask about the emirates id renewal.

These type of people are professional into the own work. So, they know all the basic requirements and process method for emirates id renewal. Moreover if you Application get any objection by the ICP UAE department. then these types of services provider easily remove that objection Because they have Experienced into this type of work. mostly people Submit Application with out any reading guide lines and with out taking any pro services provider help. As result their application if stuck into any objection then the applicant face many issues into this under process Application.

If you applied for Renewal of Emirates id application and your Application stuck into any objection. Then You will never find the way to Resolve that objection because its new for you. If this same objection came at that time when you are application submit by the pro service provider the Resolve that objection within few hours. because they already faced these types of objections so, they also know that how to Resolve that objection.

We advise you Please take help of these pro service provider. They only charged little bit amount. But they actually work hard for you are work complete.

Emirates ID Renewal through ICP Website Portal 2024

You can also renew your Emirates ID card through the ICP website portal, ICP UAE common platform in the UAE which is used for different Purposes. this is that portal which is used daily into the UAE. because all the services you can avail by this website portal. means your emirates id Apply Process, your Emirates id Renewal, and your id status check is also done by this website portal. So, lets start the process for the renewal of Emirates id.

Step 1: First of all you have to open the Google Search engine into you are current mobile Browser. After that please search for the “Smart services ICP” and press enter button. After that a new page will be shows up where different types of search results shows, here you have to click on first available search result which is ICP Smart Services. More over you can also visit this website direct by this link,


After clicking on available link. you will move on the Smart service website portal main page. where different types of services is shows. On this page you can see the available option of Login account. this area is at the right side of available webpage. Simply write you are login details into available required box. means firstly you have to write you are Email Address, and then you have to write you are password into the available Box.

After that please click to i am not a Robot and click to check box. After that please click to login button. if you have not Register account then do not worry. then please click to login with UAE pass. After successfully login into the ICP SMART SERVICES Move to next step,

If you are facing any trouble to locate these options then do not worry the image screen shot is mention below here for this step. You can take guide lines from that image.

Emirates ID Renewal through ICP Website Portal

Step 2: After the login successfully into the Available Smart services Portal. you will move to main dashboard Page. On this page you will get a new page of Smart services Portal. On the Available Page you have to locate the option “Dubai Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship/ Dubai Residence Sponsor” You have to click on this option. After clicking on this option a new tab will be open at the front of you are screen, if you are confused about any thing means where you have to first click. Then do not worry a image guide lines is mention below here, Where you can see that mention option is where on the available page.

Emirates ID Renewal through ICP Website Portal 2024 step 2.jpg

Now you can Easily understand with help of Available image guide lines. First you have to click on Dubai Federal Authority Option. after that a new options tab will be open at the screen where you have to click on “Emirates id Services” option. Make sure you have clicked on right option which is mentioned. means do not click on Fines, Visa and other services options.

After clicking on Emirates id Services option a new tab will be again open at the main screen of you webpage. Where different other options is shows for the selection on this tab you have to click on “Emirates ID for Resident” option. This option is first into the available tab. the other two options is different services, So you have not to click them.

Now After Clicking on emirates id for Resident a new tab will be open where also you will see different other services options. Here you have to click on the ” Renew Emirates id” option. make sure that you are clicking right options which is mention into our steps. after clicking on Renew emirates id option you will move to new page where Different Resident people profile will be opened at the front of your screen. These Resident people are those who are working under your Sponsor ship. From here you have to select that person id which you want to Renew. This step screen shot is also mention below here,

id renew into the united Arab emirates step 3

into the available screen shot you can cleary see that two different people profile is available. Now here we are going to select that one profile which we want to renew. to select that profile you have to click on Three Dots button into the right side or person profile. This three dots button is also shows you into the image guide lines you can cleary see it.

After selecting this option, you will Move to the next requirement page where you have to provide basic information. And Few other Information will be auto filled. Because you are renewing your Emirates ID card. You need to complete the beneficiary information. This Information is common details such as your name and your mother’s name. make sure that you Have provide all the required information Correct and also provide in the Required boxes.

Note: When typing your English name into the required text box, an Arabic name is sometimes auto generated. It is important to double check your name in Arabic Format Because some times its shows wrong and if it is not correct, Then correct it with Manually .

Make sure that you Have provide Correct information Which is same as on your official documents. Do not fill any wrong Details into available required box by the smart services portal. if you write any wrong details by mistake then you are application will be stuck into the process. Which means you will always receive objection on your Application.

After that you have to provide few basic details like you are Address, means where you are living and where you want to receive you are emirates id. So, make sure that you have write correct address details into the available requirement box.

Delivery information For Emirates id Renewal

In this section, choose your preferred delivery option for receiving your Emirates ID card. different options is available, but our Suggest You is to select “Zajel” for specific area delivery. make sure that you have select this option because by this option your documents will be delivered directly to your address. There is no need to visit any other location, and within Few working days your card will be delivered to your address. However , if you Choose a different delivery option Then you have to choose the one nearest place For Pickup your Emirates id, but keep in mind that you will need to visit the specified location to receive your documents. After confirming the delivery address, input your primary and secondary phone numbers and then click on the next button.

Uploading Documents for Emirates id Card Renewal

After completing all the basic details for you are emirates id renewal. Now you have to upload the required documents to the ICP Smart Services website portal. make sure that you have uploading Highly Quality Images of you are documents. if you are uploading low quality documents images on the portal then please do not do this. you are application will be stuck into the process. Which type of Documents you have to upload its the basic thing which comes into the mind. So, do not be worry about it. On the available page you can read which type of documents is required for upload. However that page Screenshot is also mention below here,

Uploading Documents for Emirates id Card Renewal

In Available screenshot, you can easily understand that which types of documents required for the Emirates ID renewal. Here are a few important key points to keep in mind when uploading your documents On ICP Website portal:

  1. Recent Colored Photo: Make sure that you have a recent colored photo of yourself with a white background. The image Must be not a selfie or a stylish DP type Photo. Moreover please do not upload any that image which is with color full background. One last thing which you have to Remember that you are image all conner are equally. If you are image Conner’s is not equaled then please crop it. After the copper image you are image conner will be automatic equal saved.
  2. Copy of Passport: Upload both the front and back pages of your passport. Make sure you have uploaded that page where your information is visible and also upload that page where the UAE stamp is punished.
  3. Father’s Information Page: For the third required document, upload the page of your passport where your father’s information is available. its the first page where you are name date or birth is also mentioned.

After uploading all the documents, carefully verify each one, and then click on the next button to proceed.

After uploading all the document please click to next button. On the Next page you have to review you are all application details which you have provided into the renewal process. Make sure that you have double checked all the info. If all the Information is correct then please click to next step.

Emirates id renewal fees payment

After submitting the documents on the Smart Services ICP website portal, it is time to pay the fees for your Emirates ID card renewal. If you wish to check the complete fee details for Emirates ID card renewal, please visit the available post [Emirates ID Fees Details Quick Guide 2024 UAE].

After clicking on next page you will move on the payment page of renewal emirates id. Where you have to pay you are emirates id fees. make sure that you have enough balance for paying fee of emirates id renewal. This payment page screen shot is also mention below here you can check it,

In the available screenshot, you can easily read the fee descriptions and amounts for the services availed. After reviewing all the fee details, click on “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions.” Make sure that you have enough balance in your bank account to Pay the ID card Renwal fees.

Next, click on “Amwal Credit Card.” A new pop-up window will appear on your home screen. Enter your card information and click “Next.” Then input the OTP code which you will received on your mobile Number which is Register into you are bank account for payment confirmation. After completing the payment you will be Move to a new page with the Title “Request Applied Successfully,” Which means you have successfully submit you are emirates id Renewal application to the ICP Smart services portal.

NOTE: If you want to Download Receipt of Payment then you can Download this receipt from available page. and save it into you are current device.

Biometric for Emirates id renewal and Medical Fitness test

After completing the Renewal process and paying all the available fees of emirates id renewal now you have to move on last step. This step is Biometric scan and medical fitness test. After completing both these two steps you will successfully complete process of you are emirates id renewal. One thing which you have to remember if you can not complete you are medical fitness test and finger print scan then you are application will be stuck into Pending process.

When You have done all the steps according mention into the available article. you are emirates id will be delivered on you are address within 5 days. So, Now wait for 5 days. if you not received within 5 days then please check you are application status or emirates id status. May be any objection put on you are application if any objection showing on you are application then firstly remove it and wait for 3 to 2 days. then you will receive you are id.

Emirates id Renewal With Out Biometric Scan and Medical Fitness Test

If you are still employed with the same company where you were when you firstly applied for the Emirates ID, you may not need to provide fingerprints and also medical fitness test for ID renewal. In this case, you can receive your ID after paying the renewal fees. However, if you have changed your company And then you applied for emirates id renewal. Then you have to Complete both Tests means Biometric and fitness test. Moreover these both test you can complete at once means on same day. Biometric scan offices and medical fitness test office mostly are on same location. So, you can Easily complete these two steps at once.

FAQ About Emirates ID Card Renewal

Q: Can we renew Emirates ID online?

Yes. You can Easily Renewal your emirates id online with ICP SMART SERVICES PORTAL. You have to just follows available steps into the article. After that your emirates id will be at your home address.

Q: What are the Emirates ID renewal requirements?

The Emirates id Renewal Requirements are basic Requirements which is not harder to full fill these Requirements are,

  1. White background profile image for you are emirates id. make sure you have provide clear image.
  2. Passport image front and back do not bring or Upload blur photos of your passport.
  3. Father’s information page copy; this means a copy of the passport page where your father’s name is Mentioned. If you are confused that which page of passport is this. Then do not worry its the first page where you are name and date of birth mentioned.
  4. Other supporting documents if you have Then you can upload these also. if you have not then its not important to upload also these documents.

Q: How many days do we have for Emirates ID renewal?

Normally its 30 Days time for Renewal of you are emirates id. Other wise you are received fine on it. So, Its good to renewal you are emirates id within time.

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