How To Check Emirates Id Status With Passport Number Quick Guide

How to check Emirates ID status with passport number is one of the most common questions in the UAE. Many People Who are comes first time to the UAE they firstly want to know about the id status Because they applied for it. today into this post we are going to share you a complete process method which used for check you are emirates id status through you are passport number. This method is most easy and few step based process method. You have to only follows available guide lines.

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mostly people confused about this process means they think how they can check id status with out emirates id may be its a harder and long process. in which they have to register many applications and follows many steps. But do not worry you can check you are id status with few clicks and with few steps. No need to register any application or website portal. You can just complete this process with visiting by website portal. Lets start this process,

Emirates id Status with Passport Number quick Guide 2024

If you are the new person who comes to UAE. And applied for you are Emirates id through You are company or pro service provider or by you are own Self. Then you can also check you are emirates id status with passport number. Which means you have not need to do any other thing. you just need to carry you are Passport. because we need few details related to you are passport which you have to provide for the emirates id status check, Now start the process,

  • First of all, you have to go to, the best search engine in the world where you Have to find details for every query Which comes into the Mind. Here, you need to type ‘Smart Services ICA .ae.’ This is a website portal in the UAE where you can find many other services Which is used in the UAE.
How To Check Emirates Id Status With Passport Number Quick Guide step 1

After searching for ICA Smart Services, you can view the results on available page of Google Search, Now You have to click on first available website portal Address. Which is also the Main Website portal of ICP SMART SERVICES. This website is also mention into the image guide lines. You can check this image guide line. then you can make sure that you have clicked right website portal into the Google Search Results.

How To Check Emirates Id Status With Passport Number Quick Guide step 2

You can also visit File validity page direct through this available link :

( // )

After clicking on mention website portal you will move on the main page of ICP smart services portal. This website portal Screenshot is also shows you into the available article. From here you have to firstly locate the option of “Public Services”. This option you can Easily find with the help of image guide lines which is mention into this article. Because into the image guide lines then option public Services Highlighted with Red Arrow. Which means you have to click on This option. After clicking on Public Services option Now you are move to next page.

Where the Public Services is shows at the front of you are screen. On this page you have to click on “File Validity” option. If You are facing any trouble to locate this option. Then do not worry we have shows you into the image guide lines Where this option is Located on the available webpage of the ICP SMART SERVICES Website portal. Simply click to Mention option as per image guide lines,

After clicking to file Validity option you will move on the next page. Where a forum type will be open at the front of you are screen. This webpage screen shot is also mention below here,

How To Check Emirates Id Status With Passport Number Quick Guide step 3

this is the main forum where you have to provide few details related to you are query. Because we are checking Emirates id status through passport number so, we have to Select the “Passport Information” option on available page.

Make sure that you have selected the passport Information option into the tab of Search type by. Means if you choose any other option then requirement of the forum will be change. So, do not tick to any other option. if you want to check you are emirates id status through passport number then please click to mention option which we tell you into article. After clicking on Guided option now you have to move on next forum requirement. Which is What type of Information you are looking on this page. means you want to search you are visa details, or You want to Search you are Residency details.

On this page into Select type tape you have to Choose the “Residency” Option for you are query. if you are confused that you are checking emirates id status and here you are selecting Residency option. Then do not confused. Residency also means the Emirates id. So, Just click on this one option and move on next step.

On the next step. You have to write you are passport number. This number you can locate on you are passport. If you are confused that where you have to get this number on you are passport then do not worry this number is mentioned on the first page of you are passport where you are name, date of birth and other info is mentioned. After writing you are passport number now please also write you are passport expiry date into the next requirement box.

When you have complete all the requirements as per available website portal page. Now you have to Select You are nationality means where form you come, Or where form are you. Simply here select you are country and then click on I am not a robot check box. after that simply you have to click on Search button.

After clicking on search button you are Residency details will be shows up at the front of you are screen. If you have not get emirates id status details. then do not worry just scroll down the page and into the End you can check you are details Here.

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