How to Find UID Number UAE With 1 Click

If you are looking for a guide line about how to find UID number uAE. Then you are on the right article post. Into this article we are going to show you method which help you to generated or locate you are UID number into the UAE. most of the people does not know how they can find this number into the united Arab Emirates. So, now you have not worry about it. You can find you are uID number with just one click.

What is UID Number?

Basically its the unified Identification Number / Unique id Number which is used into the UAE on different documents. before its was punched on you are visa and its also use for the visa apply and other services apply into the United Arab Emirates. Its round above the 9 Digits number. At the time of Labor card applying you have to need of this number.

How to find UID Number UAE

its not any long process to find you are UID number into the UAE. You can find you are uID number just with few seconds. Only you have to need to fullfil the available requirements, which is,

  • Passport Number.
  • Date of Birth.

These two details is enough for you are UID number finding. When you have complete these two details then you have to follows these available steps,

First of all please open you are mobile or Laptop browser and click to this available link, //

After clicking on this link a new tab will be open into you are current screen. make sure that you have the active internet connection. Please open the New tab which is opened after clicking on the available link.

on this page you will see a requirement form by the GDRAD website portal. this form Screenshot is also mention below here,

How to Find UID Number UAE With 1 Click

This is the screen shot of that website page where you have to find you are uID number. Basically on this form you have to write you are passport number which is most easy, Means this number is mentioned on you are passport. on the second box you have to select nationality which is also easy step. Choose you are country where you are living. Now come to next box where you have to select you are date of birth as per you are passport.

Now into the Second last step you have to choose you are gender and then click on the Security check box button. At the end click to submit button option. When you will click on the submit button option. You are UID number will be Pop up at the front of you are home screen.

by this way you can search or find you are UID number into the United Arab Emirates. During this process if you are facing any type of trouble then you have not worry about it. Just contact us through available form on this page. we will response you as soon as possible.

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