Adib Zero Balance Account Quick Guide 2024

The ADIB Zero Balance Account can be easily opened with just a few available steps. Follow the mentioned steps, and you can open your ADIB Zero Balance Account in the UAE. Many people complain about their account opening requests being rejected by ADIB Bank. However, do not worry; by following the available steps, your application will not be rejected, and you can easily open the ADIB Zero Balance Account in the United Arab Emirates.

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Most other banks also offer similar accounts with varying features and updates. However, the ADIB Zero Balance Account stands out as an excellent choice, particularly for individuals engaged in online work, such as freelancing or earning money through online means. Additionally, if you are a daily wage labor worker, this account is well-suited to meet your needs.

In the United Arab Emirates, having a bank account is crucial as it facilitates various financial transactions and services. All payments for services and purchases can be conveniently made through these accounts. If you need to settle a service payment, you can easily do so online using your bank account’s debit or credit card, making the process simple and efficient. The importance of a bank account in the UAE is evident, allowing individuals to track and manage their financial transactions with ease through a few straightforward steps.

Why you need for adib zero balance account?

In the UAE, having an account number is essential for various purposes. For instance, if you are an employee, having an account is crucial for receiving your salary. Similarly, when you need to top up your mobile balance, it’s necessary to use a mobile application associated with a bank, as all bank applications offer services for purchasing mobile data plans and topping up mobile balances.

Additionally, if you intend to transfer money to someone, possessing an account number is a prerequisite, as most payments in the UAE are completed through accounts. Therefore, it is crucial to have an account number for these financial transactions.

The ADIB Zero Balance account is particularly beneficial as it provides all the necessary services you require in the UAE. This includes the ability to transfer payments, receive funds, and perform various other similar services seamlessly with this bank account.

How You can open Adib Zero Balance Account 2024

You can easily open an ADIB Zero Balance Account with the available steps mentioned below. Simply follow these steps and the image guidelines provided. After completing these steps, you will effortlessly open your bank account with ADIB Zero Balance.

In the UAE, the first step is to install the ADIB Bank application from the App Store or Google Play Store. After installation, you can easily open your bank account with ADIB Bank. If you do not have this mobile application yet, please install it. Open the Google Play Store platform and search for “ADIB Bank.” Install the first available result on the Google Play Store. If you are an iPhone user, perform the same action in the App Store.

After installing the application, open the ADIB Bank application on your cell phone. Once you open this application on your cell phone, you will see the home screen, as mentioned below.

Adib Zero Balance Account

In the provided information, it appears that in the first step, you are required to click on the “NO” button, indicating that you do not have an existing ADIB account. This action is necessary as you are in the process of creating a new account. Following this, you will proceed to the next application window, where you need to enter your mobile number for receiving the OTP (One-Time Password). Write your mobile number and then input the OTP code on the subsequent screen.

Upon successfully entering the OTP code, you will advance to the next screen, where you are prompted to scan your Emirates ID using the mobile application. It is important not to skip this step, as scanning your Emirates ID chip contributes to the physical verification process. Although there is an option to skip this step by selecting “I Don’t Have the Physical Emirates ID” at the end of the page, it is recommended to perform this step. Click on the “Start Recording” button, use the back camera to touch your Emirates ID chip, and the chip verification will be completed easily. Move on to the next window in the application process.

For further details and steps, refer to the image guidelines provided below.

Adib Zero Balance Account step 2

In the subsequent steps, the process involves uploading the first page of your passport. Simply scan your passport and upload it. This step is quick and can be completed in a few seconds. Following this, on the next window of the application screen, you need to specify your nationality. Indicate whether you have dual nationality by selecting the appropriate option. Most individuals do not have dual nationality, so you would choose the “No” button and proceed to the next step, where you select your home country. Simply select your country and move on.

On the next screen, you will need to choose the source of your funds or the purpose of your account. As most individuals are employed, select the “Employed” option by clicking on the first available choice. After making this selection, a new page may open with an error message. Do not worry about this. On this page, choose the “Continue Declared Employee” option, which is highlighted with a red arrow in the available screenshot.

The subsequent step involves providing company details. The screenshot for this step is also provided below for reference. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete this section of the account opening process.

For further guidance, refer to the image guidelines below.

Adib Zero Balance Account Step 3

In the first available image guidelines, when you select the “Employed” option, you’ll be directed to a screen where you need to provide details related to your job status. Follow these steps:

  1. Job Details for Employed Option:
    • Select your company from the available options.
    • Choose the category of your company (government, private, etc.).
    • Enter your date of joining.
    • Select your monthly salary.
  2. Salary Transfer and Company Details:
    • Scroll down the page.
    • Select “Yes” if you want to transfer your salary to this account.
    • Choose the state of your company.
    • Click on the “Submit” button to submit your application to the bank.
  3. Self-Employed Option:
    • If you select the “Self-Employed” option, you’ll move to the next page.
    • Provide details related to your business, including the type of business and your position.
    • Select the yearly income of your business.
    • Indicate whether you transfer funds to this account (select “Yes”).
    • Complete all other required fields.
    • Click the “Submit” button, and your application will be submitted to the bank.
  4. Not Employed Option for Housewives:
    • If you are a housewife, select the “Not Employed” option.
    • Provide all the required details as prompted by the bank application.

If you encounter any issues during the process, feel free to contact the bank for assistance. It’s also important to note that when the bank delivers the ATM to your address, they may require your physical documents such as Emirates ID and salary slip. Ensure you have these documents ready at the time of ATM delivery.

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