Zero Balance Account In UAE 2024

Zero Balance account in UAE is the most common search on Google in 2024. Most people do not know about the meaning of this term in the UAE. A Zero Balance account is a type of account in the banking Field where you do not need to deposit a minimum amount. Most UAE banks require a specific amount to be deposited into the account; otherwise, you will be charged extra fees. In the UAE, many people are low salaried employees and cannot afford these extra charges.

Mostly, banks also require different documents like salary slips, funding source information, company letters, and NOCs. However, Today into this article which account we are discussing today, you do not need to provide many documents. Which means you have to just provide basic documents for account opening process. Into the basic Documents only You have to need provide a valid Emirates ID and a valid phone number. These two details are enough to open a Zero Balance account in the UAE in 2024.

How to Open Zero Balance Account in UAE 2024

You can open a Zero Balance account with Different banks into the UAE. Nowadays, these types of accounts are becoming more common because many people in the UAE are unemployed or earn daily wages, meaning they receive income on a daily basis. This makes it difficult for them to maintain a monthly account balance. Similarly, they may struggle to afford the fines imposed by banks if their balance does not meet the required amount. For Those people into this situation, this article provides information about Zero Balance accounts in the UAE for 2024.

You can also create a Zero Balance account with FAB Bank by following a few simple steps. Moreover, you can complete the account opening process online with just a few clicks. For more details on how to open this bank account, visit the available post Fab Zero Balance Account Quick Guide 2024.

How to Open Payit Zero Balance Account Uae

You can open a Payit account with Zero balance, which means you can create an account in the UAE without requiring a minimum balance. In the UAE, it’s common for every Person to have a bank account to save money for the future or personal needs. Today, in this post, we’ll show you how to create a Zero balance account in the UAE. Simply follow theses available steps in this article.

Firstly, Make sure that you have a UAE phone number and a valid Emirates ID. The Emirates ID must not be expired, If you have the expired ID Then you can not be able to open a Zero balance account with Payit in the UAE.

Now, open the mobile app store or play store and search for the Payit wallet. Once you find the app, install it on your cell phone. After the installation is complete, open the app.

After successfully install the mention application now please click to open the Payit App, you’ll see two options on the main screen: sign up and login. Click on the ‘Sign Up‘ button. This will take you to the next step. Screenshots of these steps are provided below.

In the available screenshot, you can clearly see that after clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ option, you’ll be Move to the next page where Different other options are available. Here, you need to click on ‘I Don’t have a debit card issued by a UAE bank.’ If you have a debit card from FAB Bank or any other bank, you can choose the other option. However, if you’re opening your first bank account, you should select the ‘I Don’t have a debit card’ option. After clicking this option, you’ll be Transfer to the next page where you’ll need to scan your Emirates ID. Simply scan your Emirates ID, and your details will appear on the home screen of the application. If any details are captured incorrectly, such as your name, Emirates ID number, or date of birth, you can manually correct them. If all the details are correct, click on the ‘Next’ button.

On the next screen of the application, you’ll need to take a live selfie for identity verification. Make sure you are in a well-lit area, as a dark background can cause verification issues. After the image verification, proceed to the next step. Guidelines for the next step are also provided below.

How to open Zero Balance Bank Account UAE last steps

In the available screenshot, after the live image verification, you need to enter your mobile number, address, and email address. Provide all these details and then click on the ‘Agree and Verify’ button. On the next page, you’ll need to enter the OTP code that you’ll receive on the mobile number you provided earlier. Ensure that this number is registered on your Emirates ID. Verify the OTP code and proceed to the next screen.

On this page, you’ll create your PIN number. This 4-digit PIN will be used to access your Payit account, so make sure to choose a code that you won’t forget. After selecting the 4-digit PIN code, you have successfully registered for a Zero balance bank account in the UAE. Within a few working days, your account will be live on your mobile application, and you’ll also receive a confirmation SMS from the bank.

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