Fab Zero Balance Account Quick Guide 2024

FAB Zero Balance Account: You can easily open an account in the UAE. The First Abu Dhabi Bank also provides different types of accounts in the UAE. However, the FAB Zero Balance Account is the most common and famous account in the UAE. In the UAE, all people working as employees in different sectors, whether in the government or private sector, need a bank account for salary saving or receiving. Most banking accounts charge extra amounts in the form of taxes from your account, which is a significant problem for low-salaried or daily wage employees. For such individuals, this account is the best option, as you can easily open it through the online process. This means you have to open your FAB Zero Balance Account yourself.

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Why You Should Need to Open FAB Zero Balance account into UAE?

In the UAE, all banks provide different types of accounts to customers. Some accounts are based on minimum balance requirements, meaning if your account does not have that minimum balance, you will incur a fine. This is a problem for those people who already have no money into the United Arab Emirates. Most people come to the UAE for employment purposes and need to send money to their families Every Month. They cannot afford extra charges or fines on their accounts. Because they have to send money To home, the FAB Zero Balance Account is provided to such customers.

FAB Bank is a well Know as Good represented bank in the UAE, with Many available branches and ATMs its easy locate into the United Arab Emirates. This means you can Easy find any brach Or ATM for Cash out. Which means you have not travel to long for any taking service related to this bank. The FAB bank also offers a payment transfer service to all types of account holders, allowing you to transfer funds to any other bank in the UAE within a few seconds. This is beneficial for paying service fees or charges with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can top up your mobile and data plans through the bank’s mobile application. Every type of account holder can register for the FAB bank mobile application with a few simple steps.

If you are looking for the perfect account in the UAE, then the FAB Zero Balance Account is the best option for you. You can easily open this account yourself, and the account opening process is explained in this available article.

How to Open FAB Zero Balance Account in UAE

A Zero Balance account means a bank account with no minimum balance requirement. In the UAE, no bank offers this type of account. However, the FAB Zero Balance account Provide you the best zero balance account services into the UAE. Before it you have to Make sure that You can maintain a minimum balance of 3000 AED in your FAB account, and we will guide you on how to open it. Ensure that your salary is above 3000 AED or equal to this amount to avoid any extra charges.

Let’s Start the process and guide you on how to open an account with FAB.

  • First of all, make sure you have an active internet connection. Then, go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download and install the First Abu Dhabi mobile application on your smartphone. After the installation is complete, click to open the mobile app on your device.
  • When you successfully install the application into the device Now please click to the FAB bank mobile app, After opening the FAB mobile app you have to click on the ‘Join’ button on first available page of FAB bank mobile screen. After clicking on Join option button you will move on to a new page in the application. Here, click on ‘I want to open an account.’ These steps are also mention in the image guidelines below.
How to Open FAB Zero Balance Account in UAE
  • In the available screenshot, you can easily understand the step-by-step process. In Step 1, you have to select the ‘Join FAB‘ option. After that, scroll down the page and click on ‘I want to open an account,’ which is Step 2.
  • Now, you are on Step 3, where you have to enter your mobile number and email address. Make sure to provide the correct email and mobile number because you will receive a confirmation code on these two details. Write your own mobile number and email address, then click on the ‘Continue’ button. Write the received code into the available code box.
  • After providing the OTP code to the required box, move to the next step, where you have to choose the account type. From here, you can select the type of account you want to open through this online process. This step is also shows you in the image guideline below.
  • In the available screenshot, you can see that first, you have to provide a few details related to your profession. Firstly, select the status of your employment. After that, enter your salary in the second box and then choose the nearest branch in the UAE. If someone referred you, who is an employee at FAB, you can enter their details in the referral box; otherwise, simply click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Now, you have to choose the account type. Select the personal current account. Make sure you are opening the account through the online process. If you visit a branch and request this account, you may not be able to open it as they require a minimum balance. Choose the personal current account and click ‘Apply Now.’ On the page that appears when you click ‘Apply Now,’ you can read all the details related to your account. There is no rule or information mentioned for a minimum balance requirement, confirming that this account is a zero balance account. Scroll down the page and click ‘Apply Now.’
  • After clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button, you have to proceed to the ‘Provide Documents’ page, where you need to scan both sides of your Emirates ID. Make sure that your Emirates ID is not damaged or expired. After scanning, click the ‘Continue’ button. Image guidelines for these steps are mentioned below.
How to Open FAB Zero Balance Account in UAE step3
  • In the available screenshot, you can see that after uploading your Emirates ID, you have to scan the chip on the back side of the Emirates ID. Simply click the ‘Continue’ button and touch your mobile camera to the Emirates ID chip. Now, you need to fill in a few details related to your employment. Write down the details and click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • On the next page, you have to write the address where you want to receive your ATM card. Enter your living place address and click ‘Continue.’ Now, in the second last step, you have to write your name on the ATM card, the name you want on your ATM card. Write your name and click ‘Continue.’ On this page, review all your details and click ‘Submit.’

Congratulations, you have completed the process of opening a zero-balance bank account with FAB Bank. After a few days, you will receive your ATM card. Make sure you have the required documents for FAB Bank, such as the Emirates ID card and salary slip.

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