RTA Fine Check With Few Clicks

In the United Arab Emirates, if you need to check for any fine details, Then you can do it With Different available Methods online With Different website portals. For example, if Dubai Police Has issued a fine Which is linked with your Emirates ID card, Then you can check it through the Dubai Police website portal which is most Fast and Most easy website portal into the UAE. In this article, we will explain the Complete process that is useful for checking fines on the RTA website portal.

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) is a department that deals with parking and related services Into the United arab emirates. If you have any RTA fines on your vehicle, Then You have not worry about it you can check it with Few Steps. make sure you have to paid you are all fines within in time. Otherwise may be fine amount will be increase by the passing of time.

If you want to check for Emirates ID fines, you can visit the available post where we have explained the complete method for checking Emirates ID fines through online website portals. (Abu Dhabi Police Fine Check by Emirates ID).

RTA fine check with Few Clicks

Before starting the process for RTA fine check through the online website portal, you have to make sure that you have all the required information related to your vehicle. RTA deals with vehicle details, so you need information such as the vehicle number and license number.

Let’s start the process to check the RTA fine:

  1. First of all, Please visit the RTA website portal or go to this website portal with this direct link: Roads & Transport Authority.
  2. After clicking on the available link, you will be Move to the RTA website portal’s fines checking process page. This page will require a few details related to your vehicle. A screenshot of this page is mentioned below here:
RTA fine check with Few Clicks step 1
  1. It’s the main screen of the RTA website portal after clicking on the given link. Here, you can find all the required information related to your vehicle. You need to enter the plate details; first, select the state from where your plate is issued (Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, etc.). After that, specify the category, indicating whether your vehicle is a private car, bike, or a public service vehicle. If your vehicle is a registered taxi, select “Public vehicle.” Next, enter the plate code and plate number, then click the search button.
  2. After clicking on the search button, if any fines are registered for your vehicle, the fine details will appear on your home screen. From this page, you can also pay your fines. If you only want to check fine details, they will be available on this page. If you wish to pay the fines, click the “Pay” button and clear the outstanding fine amount.

Other Options For RTA FINE check

On this page, where you can search RTA fines, other options are also available. You can easily see tabs with names like License Number, File Number, and Traffic Code Number. This means you can also search for your RTA fine details through these methods:

  1. License Number RTA Fine Check: If you have a license, select the License tab and provide two basic Types of information related to the license: the License Issued State and License Number. After providing these details, click the search button, and the details will appear on your screen.
  2. File Number RTA Fine Check: You can also check details through the file number. Simply write the file number, the state where the file was issued, and select the year when you opened your file. After that, your details will be displayed on your home screen.
  3. Traffic Code RTA Fine Check: You can also check your RTA fine details through the Traffic Code (TC) on your license. This code is located on the back side of the license with other details. Simply enter this code and click the search button. Your fine details will then be displayed on your home screen.

Direct Check RTA Fine Details on RTA website

You can also check your RTA fine details directly on the RTA website portal without following Other more steps. Simply open the RTA website portal, which you can visit through Google.com. In the Google search bar, type ‘RTA’ and click the search button. Look for the RTA website portal address, usually the first search result on Google. After that, you will see a homepage screen similar to the image below:

In the screenshot, you can see a tab with the name of ‘Check Your Fine.’ Click on this tab, and a new pop-up window will appear. Here, you need to enter your traffic file number. This number is generated at the time of the fine, and you will also receive this number when RTA issues a fine on your Emirates ID card. Simply enter that fine number into the provided box and click the search button. All the information will then be displayed on the front of your home screen.

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