Hafilat Card Balance Check Quick Guide 2024

Hafilat card balance check in the UAE is a common online search query. In this article, we will explain the method used to view the details of Hafilat card balance. This method is simple and based on a few steps. You can easily check your Hafilat card balance using this available method. Make sure that you have read all the guidelines and steps for checking the details. Most people often do not read all the guidelines; they only see the last step and check the balance. As a result, they face various issues. Therefore, you need to read all the available guidelines before checking the Hafilat card balance.

What is Hafilat Card Into The UAE.

The Hafilat card is a bus traveling card used in the UAE, allowing travel in Abu Dhabi. It resembles the Nol card, which is also a widely used travel card in the UAE. One of the best features of these cards is the ability to travel at affordable rates, making it cost-effective to commute within Abu Dhabi. Additionally, the Hafilat card is accepted on all public services buses.

In the UAE, public service buses and transportation are considered superior to private taxis and other services. The government prioritizes the travel experience for tourists, ensuring the use of modern and efficient buses for public transportation throughout the UAE. The Hafilat card can be used conveniently in Abu Dhabi, offering flexibility for your travel needs.

Moreover, recharging the balance on this card is easy and follows a simple, step-based process, which is explained below.

Hafilat Card Balance Check Online

You can check your Hafilat card balance online through the official website portal, which can be located using the Google search engine. Simply search ‘Hafilat card balance check’ and press enter. Click on the first search result, which is the official website portal of Hafilat.

On the website portal, you can easily check your Hafilat card balance. Additionally, you can also visit the website directly through this available link.( //hafilat.darb.ae/AnonymousMedia/Default.aspx ).

After clicking on this direct link, you will be directed to the Hafilat website webpage where you can check your card balance. A screenshot of this page is also provided below for reference:

Hafilat Card Balance Check Quick Guide 2024

This is the main page for Hafilat Card Balance Check. You need to enter your card number in the provided input form. Simply input your card number into the available text box and then click the ‘OK’ button. Once you click the ‘OK’ button, your current balance will be displayed on your home screen.

How to Recharge Hafilat Card Balance?

You can recharge your Hafilat Card Balance through two different methods in Abu Dhabi: the first is through machines, and the second is through the online website portal.

To recharge your Hafilat Card Balance via the online website portal, visit the Hafilat Card Balance page. The link to this page is provided in the article above; simply click on the given link. The balance check and recharge are done on the same link. Click on the provided link, then enter your card number into the available requirement box. After entering your card number, click on the ‘OK’ button. Your current balance will be displayed on your home screen. Click on the ‘Add Funds’ button, then enter the amount you want to add.

Simply write the funds amount and click the ‘Payment’ button to complete the payment process. With a few clicks, you have successfully recharged your Hafilat Card Balance.

Hafilat Card Balance Recharge with Machine into Abu Dhabi

You can also recharge your Hafilat Card Balance through machines available at various locations in Abu Dhabi, such as metro stations and bus stops. Follow these steps when using these machines:

  1. Start by choosing the language you prefer for the machine. We recommend selecting English.
  2. On the machine, you will see two options: ‘BUY’ and ‘RECHARGE.’ Since you are adding funds to your Hafilat Card Balance, click on the ‘RECHARGE’ option.
  3. Ensure that you have placed your Hafilat Card in the designated slot on the machine. Click on the ‘RECHARGE’ option again, located in the footer area of the machine, after placing your card.
  4. After clicking ‘RECHARGE,’ a new page will appear on the machine screen with two options: ‘Recharge’ and ‘Local Pass.’ Select ‘Recharge’ by pressing the corresponding button.
  5. On the new screen, you will see default amounts for adding funds to your card. Choose your preferred amount and move to the next screen. Here, select whether you want a receipt or not by clicking on the relevant option.
  6. Proceed to add the selected amount into the machine.

Once you add funds to the machine, the card balance will be updated. Now, you can use your Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi without any issues.

Which Card is Best Hafilat Card or Nol Card ?

Both cards are ideal for use in the UAE. The Hafilat Card is specifically designed for use in Abu Dhabi, while the Nol card is primarily used in Dubai. Therefore, if you are in Dubai, it is recommended to use the Nol card, and if you are in Abu Dhabi, opt for the Hafilat Card.

Furthermore, both cards offer excellent services for users. The buses and public transport in both cities are impressive, providing a comfortable travel experience when using these cards. Traveling with these cards is convenient and hassle-free.

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