How To Check Nol Card Balance Online

How to check Nol card balance online is a common search query in the United Arab Emirates. However, this process is a few steps based, which means you only have to follow a few steps, and then you can view your Nol card balance. In Dubai or other states of the UAE, you can use the Nol card for traveling.

What is Nol card into the United Arab Emirates?

The NOL Card is a travel card used in the UAE for travel payments. This means that when using public transport in the UAE, you can utilize this card as a form of travel fare. By using your NOL card balance, you can travel without the need for cash payments. Moreover, this card is accepted anywhere in the UAE. The NOL card is primarily used at metro stations for travel within the UAE. Various types of metro stations are available across the UAE, and these metro services charge travel fare through the NOL card.

If any visitor comes to the UAE, they need to buy the NOL card, which is used for metro, buses, and boats in the UAE. There are different types of NOL card categories available in the UAE. For visitors who do not require any special protocol, the Silver NOL card is available. Similarly, for those requiring special services, the NOL card category changes. Here is a list of NOL cards available in the United Arab Emirates.

  • NOL Silver Card: For personal use.
  • NOL Gold Card: For comfort and special protocol.
  • NOL Blue Card: Easy to use and secure for personal use.
  • NOL Red Ticket: Best for seasonal travelers.

Nol Card Silver

The Silver NOL card is the most famous and common card in the UAE. This card is widely used throughout the country, primarily by visitors and regular labor workers.


It’s the best card for personal use in the UAE. You can use this card anywhere in the country, including buses, metros, and boats. If you are a visitor in the UAE, it’s the ideal choice for you.

Balance Limit

You can load a maximum of 1000 AED balance onto this card. Moreover, you can easily add balance through the online website portal of the NOL card

Nol Card Silver Features

You can use this card at 2100+ shops, stores, and other services where NOL Card payment is accepted. It’s easy to use and comes at a lower price. Additionally, it’s easily accessible in the UAE

Nowadays, the NOL Card is also being used as a digital means; you only need to scan your card on the payment system, and your payment will be complete. Public transport in the UAE is a more cost-effective transportation option across all states of the UAE. However, local transport is expensive. Laborers and daily wage employees may find it challenging to afford this type of transport. Therefore, it’s best for you to use the NOL card.

NOL Gold Card

The NOL Gold card is also the best choice for individuals who require a certain level of protocol. Moreover, this card is also a better option for businessmen. It can be used at any metro station and all other platforms where NOL card payment is accepted. Additionally, this card is accepted in local taxis in the UAE.


If you are a person who wants a certain level of protocol, then this card is the best choice for you. It provides a luxury experience in public transport.

Balance Limit

You can load a maximum of 1000 AED balance onto this card. You can purchase this card for 25 AED from any ticket office. This card is also similar to the Silver NOL card

Nol Card Gold Features

The Luxury Protocol you can receive includes access to Special seats and VIP cabins with this card.

The NOL Gold Card is specifically for those people who want a luxury traveling experience in the UAE. If you prefer not to travel in common seats, then this card is for you. You can access luxury areas or seats with this card. In Dubai, you can use this card all over the state of the UAE. Moreover, the balance recharge process is also easy and based on a few steps. You can recharge your card with just a few clicks on the NOL Card website portal. If you want to visit Dubai’s famous places with comfort, then this card is for you.

Nol Blue Card

The Nol Blue card is another category of the Nol card in Dubai. It functions similarly to other Nol cards, meaning you can use this card anywhere in the UAE without facing any problems. The card payment process is also easy and simple. You just need to swipe your card to make any payment or cover travel expenses within the UAE.


The Blue Nol card is also for personal use within the UAE. You can use this card anywhere in the country. Moreover, you can use it to pay for taxi, metro, and boat travel bills.

Balance Limit

You can fund your Nol Blue card with 5000 AED, which is a significant amount for any single user. You can purchase this Blue card in Dubai from any ticket house for 70 AED.

Nol Card Blue Features

The best thing is, if your card is damaged, stolen, or misplaced anywhere, your balance will be secure. You can also use this card anywhere in the UAE.

The Nol Blue card is the best personal use card in the UAE. Its balance limit is greater than that of the Silver and Gold cards. The security feature ensuring your balance remains secure in case of damage or theft is its standout feature. Additionally, you receive updates about your card via SMS notifications on your mobile, adding to its convenience. This card is suitable for all types of individuals in the UAE, including senior citizens, students, etc.

NOL Red Ticket

The Nol Red Ticket is a paper-based ticket available for purchase for 2 AED from any ticket office in the UAE. This ticket can be loaded with up to 10 trips, making it ideal for occasional travelers in the UAE. Its low price and affordability mean that everyone can purchase this ticket in the UAE.

How to check Nol Card Balance online quick guide 2024

You can check your Nol card balance online with just a few clicks. Before checking your Nol card balance, ensure that you have an active internet connection. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Google and search for ‘Nol card balance check.’
  2. Click on the first available website from the Google search results. You can also visit the Nol card balance check website portal directly through this link: //
  3. After opening the link, you will be directed to the main website portal of RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), where various options are available. Look for the ‘Check Nol Balance’ option.
  4. Click on the ‘Check Nol Balance’ option to proceed. A screenshot of this step is provided below for reference.
How to check Nol Card Balance online

At the RTA main website portal, you can check your NOL Card balance in the UAE. Upon opening the RTA website portal, you’ll find various buttons for different services. Click on the ‘NOL Card Balance Check’ button, which should be the third option.

After clicking on this button, a new pop-up window will appear, presenting a form for your input. Here, you need to enter your NOL card number for the balance inquiry.

Once you’ve entered the NOL card number, click on the ‘Search’ button. After clicking, all the details will be displayed on your screen.

How To Top Up Nol Card Online

You can easily top up your Nol card online with just a few steps, similar to checking the Nol card balance using the RTA website portal. The top-up process for the Nol card involves only two steps. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Visit the Top-Up Nol Card Online page on the RTA website portal. You can access this page by searching ‘Top up Nol card balance’ on and clicking on the first available search result. Alternatively, you can directly visit the website using this link: Top Up Nol Card Online.
  2. Upon clicking the link, you will be directed to the homepage, as shown in the screenshot below.
How To Top Up Nol Card Online

This screenshot displays the Nol Card Top-Up page. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Enter your Nol Card Number and email address.
  2. Complete the ‘I’m not a robot’ verification and proceed to the ‘Confirm and Pay’ step.
  3. In the second step, select the desired amount for top-up and proceed with the online payment.
  4. After completing the payment, the balance will be added to your Nol card, enabling you to use it anywhere in the UAE.

Before topping up your Nol Card, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • The balance amount being added should be greater than 7.4 AED.
  • Anonymous users of the Nol card can add up to 1000 AED.
  • Personal or regular users of the Nol card can add a maximum of 5000 AED.

Help Line Center Nol Card

If you encounter any issues related to your Nol card, don’t worry! You can contact the helpline number for assistance with any queries related to Nol card services.

Simply dial 8009090. Upon calling, select your preferred language, and then follow the available menus according to your needs.

Additionally, you can inquire about any new services related to the Nol card through the helpline number.

How to cancel nol card?

If you need to cancel your Nol card due to loss, theft, or any other reason, you can do so with a few simple steps. However, please be aware that once you cancel your Nol card, it cannot be used again.

Cancellation of Nol cards is often done when a visa expires or when the card is lost or damaged. There are two methods to cancel your Nol card:

  1. Calling the Help Line: You can call the helpline number provided in this article and submit a request to cancel your Nol card.
  2. Chat with Mahboub: Mahboub is the Nol website portal chatbot designed to assist with common queries. You can access Mahboub through the provided link: Mahboub Chat Bot. Upon visiting the link, scroll down the page and click on the Mahboub chat box. Then, provide your name, mobile number, and email address, and click the submit button. Select your query, and the answer will be displayed on your screen.”

This revised version provides clearer instructions for both methods of canceling a Nol card.


  1. How can I check the balance on my Nol card?
    • You can check your Nol card balance online through the RTA website portal or by visiting a ticket vending machine at any metro or bus station.
  2. How do I update my pending credit on my Nol card?
    • To update pending credit on your Nol card, you can either visit an RTA customer service center or use the RTA website portal to process the update.
  3. Where can I top up my Nol card?
    • You can recharge your Nol card at any ticket vending machine, RTA customer service center, or through the RTA website portal.
  4. Can I use my phone as a Nol card?
    • Yes, you can use the RTA’s mobile app to turn your smartphone into a virtual Nol card for fare payments.
  5. Is it possible to pay for a Nol card online?
    • Yes, you can top up your Nol card balance online through the RTA website portal using various payment methods.
  6. Can two people share one Nol card in Dubai?
    • No, Nol cards are for individual use and cannot be shared between multiple people.
  7. Can I travel on the Dubai Metro without a Nol card?
    • No, a Nol card is required for fare payment on the Dubai Metro.
  8. What is the minimum amount required on a Nol card?
    • The minimum amount required on a Nol card is 7.5 AED.
  9. Can I use the RTA bus without a Nol card?
    • No, a Nol card is necessary for fare payment on RTA buses.
  10. Do Dubai taxis accept Nol cards for payment?
    • Yes, Dubai taxis accept Nol cards as a form of payment for fares.
  11. Which Nol card is recommended for tourists visiting Dubai?
    • The Nol Red Ticket is often recommended for tourists visiting Dubai, as it offers flexibility and ease of use for occasional travelers.
  12. Is an Emirates ID required to obtain a Nol card?
    • Yes, an Emirates ID is required for residents to obtain a Nol card. However, tourists may be able to obtain a Nol card without an Emirates ID.
  13. What documents are needed to apply for a Nol card in Dubai?
    • To apply for a Nol card in Dubai, residents typically need to provide their Emirates ID. Tourists may need to present their passport or other identification documents.
  14. How long is a Nol card valid for?
    • Nol cards are typically valid for five years from the date of issuance.

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