Country Of Issue Passport Quick Guide 2024

The search for the country of issue in a passport is common, especially when someone is applying for a visa to another country or seeking official government services in the UAE. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation, alleviating any concerns about searching for the country of issue in a passport after reading. You may also like to read How To Check Emirates Id Status With Passport Number Quick Guide

Country of issue passport

The term ‘country of issue passport’ refers to the country that issued your passport. Many people often find this question confusing, mistakenly thinking it pertains to the office or state that issued the passport. If you are in Dubai, Ajman, or any other state in the UAE, your country of issue passport is the United Arab Emirates.

This question typically arises when applying for services outside the country, especially when seeking a visa from another nation. In such cases, it is essential to choose the United Arab Emirates as your country of issue passport. If you still find this question confusing, rest assured that the information is available on your passport. The country of issue is clearly mentioned on the front cover, allowing you to easily identify your country.

Why you Need to Know country of issue passport meaning?

Many people are unaware of the meaning of ‘country of issue passport,’ as it is a common question asked by individuals. Essentially, it refers to the country that issued your passport and to which you belong. A passport serves as a valid identification document, verifying your status as a citizen of a particular country. Each country has its own passport type, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has its unique passport used for international travel.

A valid passport is a crucial document required for travel to any foreign country. Without a valid passport, you are not permitted to enter another country. Therefore, possessing a passport is essential when traveling internationally, as it serves as proof of your citizenship in the issuing country.

Place of issue passport

The ‘Place of Issue passport’ is a straightforward question that arises after determining the issuing country of the passport. In this type of requirement, you need to select the state or city where you applied for and received your passport. For UAE nationals, this means choosing their own state, such as Dubai or Ajman, where they completed the passport application process.

If you are from another country and are applying for a service in the UAE, you should select the city in your home country where you applied for and received your passport. Occasionally, individuals may feel confused when they are currently residing in Dubai but originally belong to another country. In such cases, it is important to select the place in their home country where they obtained their passport. There is no need to worry, as the requirement is simply asking for the location where the passport application process took place.

Country of issue passport Help Line Number

If you encounter any issues related to this service, there’s no need to worry. You can contact the helpline number to inquire about any concerns regarding your passport. It’s important to note that this helpline is specifically for UAE nationals.

Feel free to call the helpline at 6005222222, where you can seek assistance for any passport-related queries. It is essential to remember that this service is exclusively for individuals who belong to the UAE nation.

Country of issue passport for expatriates

If you are a resident of the UAE and hail from a different country, you are not alone, as millions of people come to Dubai each year for various purposes. If you find yourself in the United Arab Emirates and need to apply for a service related to another country or a service within the UAE that requires passport information, it’s crucial to select your home country.

For example, if you are from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or any other country, you should choose your own country in the ‘Country of issue passport’ requirement tab. This is because your passport was issued by your home country, not the UAE. Only UAE nationals can select the UAE since the UAE issues passports exclusively for its citizens.

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