Malta Work Visa Apply Online Process Quick Guide

Our website portal offers an official Malta job authorization Overview Lines, Which is enabling you to obtain a Malta Job visa kind D, Moreover, D visas for entitlement to receive a Solitary Work License card released to third-country nationals. To obtain a job visa type D, you need to submit your application to the embassy of Malta in your home/residence nation.

Do you intend to operate in Malta officially? first off, you are required to get the WORK VISA (EMPLOYMENT VISA, D TYPE) with the nearest Consular office of Malta in your nation. This kind of visa is provided based on the Job Authorization released by the Identity Malta firm. The business going to employ foreign residents submits an employment application to the Identification Malta agency. You May also Like to Read About Dubai Visa Online Check With 1 Step.

What is Malta Work Visa?

In January 2024, Malta released the ‘Expert Worker Initiative’ as a new extremely skilled job license choice for non-EU nationals. To name a few needs, applicants need to be helping a Maltese-registered company, with a yearly gross income of at the very least EUR 25,000, and have adequate academic certifications or expert experience. The ‘Expert Staff member Effort’ offers employers with a further path to onboard extremely proficient international skill, making sure employers can pick from a broader pool of global talent.

Which Type of People Need For Malta Visa?

Everybody that originates from a non-EU/EEA country or Switzerland needs to apply for a visa to work in Malta. You require a visa also if you will certainly work for much less than 90 days.

On the other hand, EU/EEA/Swiss residents can live indefinitely in Malta and job without a work license. Within 3 months after showing up, they need to sign up with the Division for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs.

Malta Schengen Visa

If you are from a nation that is not excluded from visa requirements, you will certainly need a Malta Schengen visa for a brief trip that lasts fewer than 90 days. With a Malta Schengen visa, you will likewise be able to go to various other Schengen countries.

Malta Transit Visa.

The Malta transit visa is provided to tourists who have to transit in Malta while trying to get to their last destination. You don’t need a transportation visa if you currently have a Schengen visa or a home permit from another Schengen country. If you are a citizen or a family participant of EU/EEA/Swiss or a polite key owner, you are additionally exempt from the transit visa requirement.

Malta Work Visa.

Everyone who is not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland requires a Malta job visa to be able to operate in Malta. The work visa will certainly permit you to function and remain in Malta for one year and can be renewed for the period of your work agreement. To apply for a Malta job visa, you need to send a work contract and letter of confirmation from the business employing you.

Malta Student Visa.

All people outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland demand to make an application for a Maltese study visa and a residence license to seek a research training course longer than 3 months in Malta. If you are a worldwide trainee from a Schengen visa-exempt country, you do not require a visa to study in Malta for 90 days. Nonetheless, if you choose to study there for even more than 90 days, you need to get a house permit for your research studies. With a residence permit, you can stay in Malta for the entire period of your program.

Malta Family Members Visa.

You can obtain a Malta family members visa if you are the spouse, partner, or the minor youngster of somebody living in Malta (such as a Maltese resident or a home authorization holder). The Malta family reunification visa allows you to cope with your family members participant in Malta and grants you the same rights as any type of other short-lived resident.

Malta Retired Life Visa.

You can make an application for a retirement Malta visa if you wish to be retired in Malta.

Malta Nomad Visa.

If you intend to work remotely while legitimately living in Malta, you can obtain a Malta wanderer home authorization. Initially, the authorization will be for one year, and after that you can extend your application as long as you fulfill all called for conditions.

Malta Golden Visa.

A Malta Golden Visa is a method to obtain Maltese citizenship via investment in Malta.

Malta Eu Blue Card.

A residency permit to those people who have skilled or experience into any field. They can obtain this type of visa. this visa is for Non EU nationals people.

Malta Job/Work Visa Requirements

Below is the listing of files that you require to submit when looking for a Malta work visa and work license,

  • Your valid not Expiry or near expiry Passport. Make certain your Passport has at the very least 2 empty web pages for the visa and entry stamp.
  • Job visa application form. The application needs to be finished and signed at the end. Ensure you load the application with your updated info.
  • A passport-sized picture. See to it the pictures are with shades and with a light background. See Schengen photo standards for additional information.
  • A job contract. The work agreement have to have your task summary, salary, starting date, and end day of work.
  • Your upgraded curriculum vitae/Resume/CV. You have to prepare a curriculum vitae with your previous work experiences and recommendations from your companies.
  • Clinical Or Medical insurance policy. You should purchase travel medical insurance with a minimum of EUR30,000 coverage within the Schengen location, legitimate for the initial duration of your journey. Because you will likely live and work in Malta lasting, after arrival, you ought to register for a much more extensive wellness insurance plan.
  • Lodging/Living proof. File evidence that you have a place to remain while working in Malta. It can be a rental agreement, hotel reservation, a letter of invite from your buddies, family participants, etc.
  • Trip travel plan. Evidence that you have actually reserved a trip to Malta.

Keep in mind: You might be asked to submit additional documents, depending on your specific scenario or the nation from which you apply. See to it you send all the called for files with the application. Any type of missing out on paper can result in your visa being rejected.

How to Apply for Malta Job Visa?

You have to Follows these steps when requesting a job visa in Malta:

  • Accumulate the needed documents/Or Arrange you are Original Documents
  • Get in Malta and send the application/Visit the Malta and Submit You are Work Visa Application.
  • Get an employment permit/ Apply For the Employee Visa
  • Receive the job permit and start functioning.

Step 1. Accumulate the Required Documents for a Malta Job Visa

To apply for a Malta job visa, you have to gather the papers discussed over.

Step 2. Go Into Malta and Submit the Visa Application

You need to submit the application for a Malta job visa (i.e., solitary permit) from inside Malta. The procedure is as adheres to:

Get a Malta nationwide visa for work at the consular office of Malta in your nation which means you have to visit Malta Embassy into you are country. Obtain the Meantime Entry card. The Malta embassy concerns the Interim Receipt Card, which will enable you to get in Malta for the purpose of getting a single license.
Get a Solitary Permit. After you go into Malta, you have to send the application and all the documents required to the Identification Malta Agency face to face. When you send the application type, you will certainly need to make the payment cost of EUR280.50. If you receive a positive answer, you will certainly be provided a Solitary Permit, and you can begin working in Malta.
If you do not need a visa, Malta will straight release an Interim Invoice to permit you to get in and remain in Malta up until you receive a reaction to your application.

Step 3. Your Employer Applies for an Employment Permit

Your employer should request an employment permit (additionally recognized as a work permit) on your behalf via the Job plus website (a government representative). Your work permit is usually provided for one year.

Prior to receiving the work license, your company should prove that they have actually marketed the position publicly which no Maltese citizen might have loaded it.

Step 4. Get the Work Permit and Begin Working

When you and your employer have submitted all relevant applications, you will certainly obtain a response by text message or e-mail. If your Malta work license is approved, Identity Malta will send you the home card. The minute that you obtain the card, you can lawfully work and remain in Malta.

Keep in mind: After you submit the application in Malta, you ought to not exit up until you have actually heard a decision. The acting receipt does not permit you to re-enter Malta.

Can I Obtain a Malta Job Visa from Abroad?

No, you can not. You should submit a Malta work permit application on IMA (Identity Malta Company). If you can not take a trip to Malta, your company will apply on your behalf.

If your company applies in your place and the application is authorized, the Identity Malta Agency will certainly send you an invite letter within 60 days to enter Malta. The invite letter will include details and conditions on exactly how you will certainly require to proceed to Malta and exactly how to settle your application and start functioning in Malta.

How Much Days Require for a Malta Job Visa

The processing time for a Malta job visa is 5 to 15 working days. The processing time begins with the day you submit the files to the embassy or consular office. You will get a text or an e-mail replying to your visa application

Malta Job/Work Visa Fees

Single PermitEUR280.50.
Employment LicenseEUR150
The Application for Work LicenseEUR50.
EU Blue CardEUR140
Kind D (National Visa)EUR100
Malta Job/Work Visa Fees Details you can read into this Colum.

Period of a Malta Job Visa.

The job visa duration for Malta is one year. Currently, you will have the ability to function and remain in Malta. You can extend your Malta job license after a year if you are still a staff member in Malta.

Expansion for Malta Work Visa.

If you wish to prolong your job visa after one year, you should apply for a revival. You must submit an application for renewal with the papers verifying that you have paid your tax obligations for the time remaining in Malta.

Note: If by any kind of opportunity your work problems change and you are not working any longer, you can not request an extension.

Family Members of The Main Applicant.

Foreign residents that have resided in Malta for one year can bring their relative to Malta. Family members are specified as:.

  • A spouse over twenty-one years old and lawfully married to you.
  • You and your partner’s minor kids, biological or embraced.
  • Your partner’s small single youngsters (consisting of embraced youngsters).

Malta Seasonal Job Visa.

The seasonal work visa is a kind of visa that permits you to work and appreciate your vacations in Malta. Only New Zealand and Australian people can obtain a seasonal job visa. To get this visa, you have to be between 18 to thirty years old. It’s a visa that permits you to remain in Malta for one year. With this sort of visa, you will certainly have the ability to visit other Schengen countries two times a year for 90 days.

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