How To Get Esaad Card Online UAE 2024

If you are looking for any article which is about to How to get Esaad card online into the United Arab Emirates. Then you have not worry about it. into this article we are going to explain all the guide lines about it. These guide lines help you to get Esaad card into the uAE with out facing any troubles. Before Starting Esaad card online process you should know about the Features of Esaad card and why its important into the UAE.

What is Esaad card UAE 2024.

Basically its a promotional card Which is issued to Golden visa holder into the UAE. Its a Loyalty card Which is Similar to the Fazza card and Esaad Card have same features. Which means now you can avail highly Discounts on many Products with this Esaad card. Basically this card issued to the Golden visa holder by the UAE Government.

Into the united Arab Emirates Many companies and brands issued discount to these card holders.

How to Get Esaad Card Golden Visa Holder?

The Golden Visa holder can easliy apply for the Esaad card into the UAE. Any person who have the Golden visa into the UAE. They can apply for Esaad card with these available steps which is mention into this article. Make sure that you have golden visa other wise if you have any other visa then you can not apply for the Esaad card into the United Arab Emirates.

You can get esaad card through online website portal. Where you have to perform few steps. After that the esaad card delivered on you are address. make sure that you have valid Identification for prof you are self. And you have all the Mandatory documents Which is required for the Esaad card.

How to Apply Esaad Card Online into the United Arab Emirates.

You can apply esaad card online with just few steps, make sure that you have the golden visa for united arab emirates. Because only Golden visa holders can apply for this card. If you have this type of visa then you have to follows these Available steps,

  • First of All you have to visit the Esaad Card online website portal through google search engine into the united arab Emirates. Simple search for Esaad card and then click on first available result into the google. make sure that the first website address is //
  • After Clicking on This website address. Now, please Change the current language which is by Default into the arabic. You can change it into the english language by click on English which is available into the 2nd Menu bar. After clicking on english language now Please go to ” Registration” option which is available into the Primary Menu bar. After go to Registration option a new drop down list will be open where you have to click on 2nd option which is “Esaad Member Registration” You can also visit this Registration page through this direct link ( // ).
  • After clicking on this link you will get the new webpage where A Registration page is available. Here you have to provide few Basic Details Related to you are self. This page snapshot is mention below here, You can verify it.
How To Get Esaad Card Online
  • This is the Webpage Screenshot where you have to provide the basic details. Please make sure that you have write all the details which is as per you are Official documents. Write you are name , Last name email address phone number you are language and You are address with city. After that at the end write you are emirates id card number and then Solve the Captcha image and click to Submit button.
  • After clicking on the Submit button option, You will receive a email on you are email address where you will get further steps. Means after it you have to install the Esaad Card mobile application through you are google playstore platform or Apple app store platform.
  • Now, After installing the Esaad card application now please login you are account details and check all the available offers related to you are Esaad card.

By this way you can apply for the Esaad card into the united Arab Emirates. If you have any query related to Esaad card you can contact us through available contact us form on the current page.

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