How To Check Du Balance with *135#

If different types of mobile communication networks are operational in the United Arab Emirates, similarly, Du is also a renowned mobile communication network in the UAE. This mobile communications network provides various services to its customers.

If you are using the Etisalat network and encounter issues during the recharge of your balance, such as your balance being deducted at the time of recharge, please refer to the available article How To Cancel All Etisalat Subscription UAE.

Available Methods for Check DU Balance into United Arab Emirates

Different methods are available for checking Du balance in the United Arab Emirates. These methods are mentioned below:

The basic and common methods are:

  1. Dial *135# on your phone’s dial pad. After entering this code, your balance details will appear on your home screen.
  2. Send a message to 1335. Type “Balance” and send the message to this number. Your Du balance details will be sent to your current number via text message.
  3. Check Du balance through the mobile application. Simply go to the Google Play Store and search for the DU Mobile Application. Click on the Install button and once the installation is complete, open the app. Register your account on the mobile application. After that, open the DU mobile application, and your balance will be displayed on the main dashboard of the DU mobile application screen.

These are the basic methods used for Du balance check in the United Arab Emirates. However, you can also find more information about it Du Bill Payment Online UAE Quick Guide.

If you’re experiencing any issues related to Du balance check, please contact us through the available forum on the right sidebar of the provided article. We will assist you as soon as possible.

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