If You are Looking for the fab salary check online Guide lines. Then you have not worry about it. Into this article we are going to show you the basic and easy step for checking fab salary Online. FAB is Top Trending Bank into the UAE. Which is Providing Many of the Best Services to Its own Customer.

Into the UAE, If you are also Account Holder of FAB Bank. Then you can also check FAB Salary through Online Process. This process is easy and Few steps based. So, Now you have to Just follows the Available Guide lines, Before starting the process of FAB Salary Check Online you may also Read about the HOW TO APPLY FOR FAB CAR LOAN QUICK GUIDE, How To Apply For FAB Personal Loan In Few Seconds, Fab Isave Account Quick Guide 2024.


You can easliy check you Are FAB Salary through Online Website portal of FAB. Where you have to just Provide Few basic Details and then you are FAB Salary Status will be at the front of you are home Screen.

Step 1: First of All you have to visit the FAB Salary Check Website portal. Its basically a FAB Bank website Page. Where you have to Provide basic Details. You can find this webpage through Google Search Engine or You can also visit this page via direct this available Link, ( //ppc.magnati.com/ppc-inquiry/ )

Step 2: After Clicking on available Link which is mention into the step 1. A new Tab will be open into you are chrome, Firefox or mobile browser. means into you are current browser. Open that tab where you will see the FAB Balance Check Page. Here you have to Just provide basic Few details which are,

  • You are FAB Account Debit Card/VISA Card ID.
  • Second You are ATM Card Last Two Digits.

If you are Facing any trouble to Find these two details on You are ATM Card. Then you have not worry about it. into the available Image guide line which is mention below. Please see that image. Where the Card id and Last two Digits of ATM mentioned.

How to Find FAB Bank Card id

Please Write these two details on The Available Page. And then click to “GO” Button. You are FAB Salary Balance will be at the front of you are home screen After clicking on GO button. You can also Track You are transactions details through this Method.

Fab Salary check Through FAB Mobile Application

You can also Check You are FAB Salary Through Mobile Application of FAB Bank. This process is also simple and Few steps based. You have to only Follows these available steps,

Please open the FAB Mobile Application into You are Current Cell Phone, After that simply Login you are account details into the FAB Mobile Application.

When you’ve successfully logged in to your FAB Bank online account, it’s time to explore your monetary account! Do not worry; we have actually made it easy for you to discover what you require.

As soon as you’re inside your account, take a look around. You’ll observe an area dedicated to your account info. Excitingly, right there, front and center, is your account balance! It resembles having your digital piggy bank displaying your current funds at a look. if you are salary is credited into the account then you are Funds balance shows Updated Totally Balance amount. You can also Check You are Salary Credit Amount into the transactions. No requirement to wonder or guess any longer; your balance is right there, all set to be seen.

But wait, there’s more! Underneath your balance, you’ll find a treasure chest of current deals. Those wonderful purchases you made throughout the weekend shopping spree or the relaxing dinner you treated your good friends to all be neatly listed for you. Monitoring your deals need to be hassle-free, so we have actually organized them in an easy-to-read format.


You can also check You are FAB Salary through FAB Bank ATM’s. This process is also easy and few steps based. If you are thinking that how its will be possible then. Just read the available steps and guide lines.

Please Locate FAB Bank ATM Near by you are Area. You can Locate FAB Bank ATM through Google Search Engine. Simply Visit that ATM which is Near by you. And then login in into the ATM.

Which means Just insert you are ATM card into the Machine and then write you are password. Select you are language and then go to Mini Statement option on the ATM menu. After clicking on Mini Statement option. A Receipt will be Print out from the ATM. on This receipt you are check the Translocation if you are salary is Credited into the account the Transactions shows into the available Receipt.

Earn 5000 AED Cash Back On Salary Credit

By merely establishing a FAB account and using FAB Mobile, you can earn up to AED 5,000 in cashback! It’s uncomplicated to start simply download the FAB Mobile app and move your income. If you already have a FAB account, you can still participate in this amazing offer by moving your salary there.

The process is simple: as soon as two or more salaries are moved to your FAB account, you end up being eligible to get the cashback. As a UAE National, you might make approximately AED 5,000 in cashback, while expatriates can make as much as AED 2,500.

The cashback you earn will be credited to your account as FAB Benefits. Now, here’s the exciting part you can use these FAB Benefits to shop at your favorite brands, easily pay utility costs, manage Salik payments, or perhaps redeem them as cashback straight into your account! The endless possibilities provide you more reasons to love banking with FAB.

To assist you visualize the potential cashback you could earn, take a look at the table listed below, which shows the cashback amounts representing various earning levels.

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