Emirates NBD swift code Dubai All Braches

Emirates NBD swift code dubai is mostly used for international Transitions. mostly people does not know that how they can get swift code of Banks. if you are any Bank customer you know about account number and Cards details. but you have not info about the Swift Code. Basically its a banking Format code which is used for online Transactions.

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Why We Need Emirates NBD swift code dubai?

If you are thinking that you can transfer money with out swift code into the UAE. then you are right then you have not need for Swift code into the UAE. But if you are thinking that you can also pay funds to other country with out swift code then you are also right. But if you thinking that you can receive funds from any other country with out swift code then you are wrong here,

Because at the time of Receiving funds from any other country you must have provide the Swift code to the payer person. Because if you do not provide swift code to the person who is sending funds to you. Then you are payment will be stuck into the pending process and you will never receive you funds into you are own account.

Swift code is basically a Special number for the banks. Same as country code means every country code have different country code same as the bank also have different swift code which shows to other that which bank is this.

Emirates NBD swift code dubai List All Branches

NBD Bank Swift codes mention below Here you can check all braches swift code from Available Table. Basically these swift code used for online payments which are comes from other countries. Now a days people doing work online through different platforms. For the example Google is most famous Platform. That pay you for work online on google platform. So, if you are working online through any platform then you must have need swift code for payments receiving online.

Branch NameCityBranch CodeBranch AddressSwift Code
Abu Dhabi BankAbu DhabiADBAbu Dhabi Branch, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADADB
Al Maktoum Road BranchDubaiAMRAl Maktoum Road Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADAMR
Bander Taleb BranchDubaiBTABander Taleb Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADBTA
Beniyas Square BranchDubaiBSQBeniyas Square Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADBSQ
Dubai Main BranchDubaiDMBDubai Main Branch, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADDMB
Emirates NBD SecuritiesDubaiSECEmirates NBD Securities, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADSEC
Galleria BranchDubaiGALGalleria Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADGAL
Group Head Office Trade Finance SvcsDubaiTFSGroup Head Office, Trade Finance Service, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADTFS
Jebel Ali BranchDubaiJAZJebel Ali Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADJAZ
Jumeirah BranchDubaiJUMJumeirah Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADJUM
Karama BranchDubaiKAMKarama Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADKAM
Qiyadah BranchDubaiQIDQiyadah Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADQID
Satwa BranchDubaiSATSatwa Branch, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesEBILAEADSAT
Al Souk BranchDubaiSUKAl Souk Branch, DUBAIEBILAEADSUK

These are the Swift codes of NBD Bank UAE. All the Dubai Branches swift codes you can get from this list. you can copy you are branch swift code from here and then use it for own purposes.

What if my Branch swift code is not into available list?

Its the most important question. what if you are branch swift code is not listed into the available colum. Then what you have to do. Its not a harder problem to Find any brach swift code. You can Find you are brach swift code with following these available steps,

First of All you have know you are bank Default Swift code which is Emirates NBD Swift code: EBILAEAD-XYZ.

Then you have to also know about that if you write you are brach code into the Place of “XYZ“. Then this whole code will be you are bank swift code. Means Lets spouse you are branch code is AMR then you are brach swift code will be EBILAEADAMR. So, By this method you can create you are own brach swift code.

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